Dancing kizomba, makes us break some barriers of personal space; by the intimacy of the embrace, the connection of thighs, chest, abdomen, etc…,

So far, so good. But… why do you use our head as if it were the back of the sofa? (If you got a little smile, maybe you are in that group or it has happened to you).

When you’re not comfortable in that posture, it’s one of those things that stresses you to the limit. And the next day, you would wish that the person with whom it happened to you, while winking at you, would say: “Here, a voucher to go to the physio, for yesterday”. Because you moved your neck so much to move your face away from his that you think you’ve been elongated forever. And that from that day on, you become part of the Padaung tribe (without even having to do the ritual of the rings).

My friends and I, after a kizomba social.

On the other hand, I embrace the diversity and possibilities that dance offers. I suppose there are followers who prefer this contact, because it gives a certain theatricality to the action, a bit like in tango.

Sometimes, watching a couple dance like this, I digress and invent an alternative ending to “Titanic”. Do you remember the part where the musicians play for the last time? Well, I imagine those people so close together, gluing their foreheads together, looking into each other’s eyes, while they have the last dance of their lives (yes, I’m a bit of a movie buff).

Well, now is when I come clean, and nonsense aside, I recognize that sometimes, when I dance with someone who transmits me a pleasant, calm and/or comforting energy, I don’t mind that it happens….

To cut a long story short, here is the conclusion of a spontaneous dancer: ALL forms of dancing are accepted and valid, as long as there is CONSENSUS of the parties and LISTENING, both verbal, non-verbal and paraverbal communication.

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