Regular kizomba fusion classes in Madrid

Start dancing, sharpen your sensibility and perfect your dance technique with our regular kizomba classes.

Learn to dance kizomba with NuKiz

At NuKiz we offer regular kizomba courses for all levels, taught directly by our collective. We do it with our own innovative methodology based on a series of techniques and principles learned after many years of experience in various disciplines and dance groups. The result is a flexible, dynamic and fun style with many possibilities. That allows us to dance in many different ways and to enjoy to the maximum with any dance partner, whatever their roll.

Levels (NU) of our regular classes



NU.0 (Home)

“I’ve seen kizomba videos and I love it, but I don’t even know what the basic steps are. I want to learn how to dance from the beginning so I can get around a bit on the dance floor and make it look like I know how to do something.”

NU.1 (Basic)

“Basics, exits and virgula, mastered.”
“I hear the beat and I jump in!”
But I want to do elaborate figures, contratiempos, tricks to dance infinite songs in a row and feel confident.”

NU.∞ (body-mind control).

“I want to go beyond dance steps. I’m interested in honing sensitivity, connection and embrace.”
* Content: Mind-body work + Douceur and tarraxa + Relaxation exercises + Intra and interpersonal connection + Role change + Dissociation + Active listening.

NU.2-3 (medium-advanced)

“I already know how to dance. I want to perfect technique, marks and their interpretation. Learn complex steps, footwork and cool tricks for social. “

NU.3 (experimental)
– Tarraxo from 0

NU.3 are designed for specific formations. To be able to perform them it is necessary to master the previous NU or to have an average level of urban or fusion.

What do our kizomba classes consist of?

They are organized in 2-hour immersive sessions, which are held fortnightly (2 days a month). They are divided according to the *level and are equivalent to one month of a regular academy. In this way, we combine theory, practice and social dance to adapt style, connection, energy… and correct technique and vices of each person. The classes for higher level students are more experimental and focus on psychorporal control and style, tricks, listening and musicality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to go as a couple?

Not at all, tell us which role you would like to learn:
if you prefer to interpret the music and turn it into steps, or follower if you prefer to let yourself go and try to understand what the leader proposes. You can always repeat the workshops changing the role to complete the learning and enjoy twice as much on the dance floor.

Sneakers, heels, special T-shirt, cologne?

We like to dance on shoes with small soles ( victoria type).), but if you can dance and balance on heels it is not a problem. It is important to come well groomed, bring a spare T-shirt. Keep in mind that we will be dancing close and without masks… and there are body odors that we may not be aware of that may make the other person uncomfortable.

I have never danced

If you have never danced before, great, so you have no vices to work on or deconstruct. After our intensive course you will be able to dance without any problems at any party or event. Do not worry about embarrassment, complexes or doubts that may arise, they are normal … and you should have seen us when we started!

I have danced other things (lindy hop, bachata, contemporary, salsa, tango, traditional kizomba).

If you have danced in other disciplines before, great too, because your brain is already predisposed to dance and the body. We will use all the technique lessons you have learned to adapt them to kizomba. We also come from other dances so we will be “translating” for you what works for us and what doesn’t from each of the other disciplines.

What happens if one day I have other commitments and I can’t go? Would I have to give notice?

Classes are designed in a flexible format. With each group, a communication system will be created (e.g. whatsap). And days before the class we will ask who will attend. This way, we ensure that the class is balanced (leader-follower) and if you can’t come you don’t have to pay for the class.

Can I change roles during the course?

Yes, as long as it is commented in advance so that the group continues to fit together, or, if it coincides with another person in the class who also wishes to do so. On the other hand, on the social side, we encourage you to try it out, loosen up and change the role if you feel like it.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to register?

Our classes and intensives are aimed at an adult audience, so we consider that the minimum recommended age would be 16 years old, and the maximum, generally there would be no limit, with some exceptions, in which we dedicate spaces to do drags, portés or acrobatics.

Do I have to belong to the LGTBIQ+ collective to sign up?

No. We simply make clear the bases on which our project and philosophy are based. We start from inclusion, diversity, respect, and we flee from traditional stereotypes that are perpetuated in scenes such as dance. So, to sign up, all you need is to have an open mind, choose the role or roles you want to learn (leader/follower), be willing to learn, challenge your mind and body, have fun and meet people.