We start the body-mind control intensives!

La kizomba son muchos ritmos y estilos. Cada uno requiere de sus propios recursos para interpretarlos y disfrutarlos bailando en pareja. Arrancamos nuestros talleres de kizomba body-mind control, donde os enseñaremos a controlar cuerpo y la mente mientras bailas kizomba en cualquiera de sus variantes. Trabajando la corporalidad, la disociación y el estilo individual. Con ellos serás capaz tanto de surgerir como de interpretar diferentes tipos beats muy presentes en el tarraxo, la kizomba fusión, la tarraxa y el douceur.

And, yes, you’re right, the name is a bit of a mouthful😅 but this is not a regular dance class. It is a class of connection, for people who want to work on sensitivity, embrace, dissociation and the ability to generate magical dances , whatever level you have, both you and your partner. That’s the thing about magic, (with a little bit of musicality) it allows you to surprise anyone.

Oh! and we will work on it by changing the role, sometimes you will suggest and sometimes you will play the roles that are proposed to you. Come with an open mind!

And since there’s no good dance without good music, here’s one while you’re at it.

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